Preview of Fabian Lim’s Real Internet Secrets Training

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I just attended a preview of Fabian Lim’s Real Internet Secrets Training. It will be a 3 full days Boot Camp to be conducted from 15th to 18th August. I’m excited that I have signed up and looking forward to it.

Just a quick highlights which I learned from the preview that keeps me thinking on the meaning of “true freedom”.

Many of us aim to achieve one or all of the four kinds of freedoms below:

  • Financial freedom
  • Lifestyle freedom
  • Time freedom
  • Location freedom

Personally, I have been working for more than 20 years with the aim to achieve some kind of financial freedom that we all desire. But many times when we are able to gain one aspects of freedom, we have to compromise on the other. Like our time with our family and the kind of lifestyles that we wish to have. I have 2 kids (a girl at 10 and a boy at 4). My wife is expecting another boy now. ETD in Nov 14’. Definitely, freedom of time is what I need most to provide sufficient supports to my wife and to nurture our children for the future. I also wish to bring in sufficient income for the family, to gain financial freedom, to meet with the ever demanding environment and lifestyle that we have in Singapore.

So how could we achieve these 4 freedoms?

Unless we are in a highly demanding profession like a doctor, a lawyer or a politician. Otherwise, it may be kind of hard to achieve it. The only possible option of an average Singaporean like me perhaps is left with having a business of my own. But it is challenging to have a niche business and to have a shop space in a small country like us. Every inch of the land is getting pricey and the risk of an upfront capital is huge. To continue with my pursuit to have a business of my own, I believe my best bet could be still on the Internet.

Fabian Lim, a young and successful entrepreneur who has achieved his dream to gain the 4 freedoms is one of the many that had set his stage on the internet. Not only he has achieved it on his own, he has mentored many to achieve the same. How did he achieve it and what is the secret behind his online marketing techniques? I believe there are a lot to learn in the 3 days Boot camp. I will be eagerly looking forward to attend and to “squeeze out” everything that I could from him.

To have a quick insight about him and what he does and believes, I have attached a Free Ebook (compliment from Fabian Lim) for all to download. Hope you enjoy reading.

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